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Enjoy Your Next Vacation!

When looking for great vacation travel facts and fun, most people type in things like vacations, travel, trips, vacation trips, vacation travel, vacation hotels, vacation motels, vacation camps, airline trips, and so on. But if you want the most fun on your vacation visiting the most interesting and wild places in the world (and especially in the United States), well, then, you've come to the right vacation travel web site.

This Travel Trivia Vacation Time Site is all about fun. The time to travel is now. Learn everything you need to know here to plan and enjoy a great vacation.

Click on State Basic Facts to find out basic information about the state, including its main visitor information web site, state animal (bird, tree, etc.), state capital, and state song, among other things.

Click on State Fun Facts to enjoy the largest, smallest, oldest, newest, biggest, first, one and only, and just special places, things, and events as you travel around the United States. Travel all around, whether by car, plane, train, boat, bus, horse, mule, or just your mind. Enjoy your vacation by visiting all the most interesting places in each state.

Click on Famous People to locate the names of famous people who were born in a particular state or spent a lot of time there.

Click here for TV shows
set in various towns and cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Click on Visitor Bureaus to locate the town and city visitor bureaus and chambers of commerce in various states, regions, and countries around the world. Contact these people to get the best deals for travel, vacation housing, and fun attractions for your next vacation, no matter where you might be heading.

Want to know which cities have served as the U.S. capital at one time or another? Then check out U.S. Capitals.

Click on Hot Times, Cool Places Blog to go to my on-going vacation travel blog.

Click on Air Travel for lots of trivia and resources on air travel.

Contact Information

This website is a personal fun vacation website. I hope you enjoy all the travel trivia on this site. Contact me if you have additional stuff you'd like to see entered on this vacation travel site. I'd be happy to add it. Thanks. John Kremer, your personal vacation fun travel guide