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These pages feature the settings for TV series as well as TV show locations. This is a work in progress. As I get time, I'll add more. If you would like to nominate other TV series locations, email them to JohnKremer @


Armed & Famous CBS reality show set in Muncie

Close to Home CBS legal drama set in Indianapolis

Eerie, Indiana NBC fantasy drama set in Eerie (fictional)

1-800-Missing (aka Missing) Lifetime mystery drama set in Indianapolis but filmed in and around Toronto, Ontario.

The Fugitive ABC mystery drama. Dr. Richard Kimble's home town was Stafford, Indiana (fictional).

Glory Daze TBS comedy set on an Indiana college campus

Good Bones HGTV reality show set in Indianapolis

Good Morning, Miss Bliss Disney comedy set in Indianapolis (the predecessor of Saved by the Bell)

The Middle ABC comedy set in Orson, Indiana (fictional)

One Day at a Time CBS comedy set in Indianapolis

Our House NBC family drama set in California (although the mother and children had come from Fort Wayne, Indiana to live with her father-in-law and the children's grandfather).

Parks and Recreation NBC sitcom set in Pawnee (fictional)

Roseanne ABC comedy set in Lanford (fictional). Exterior shots were of various city streets and buildings in Evansville, Indiana.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch ABC comedy set in Westbridge (fictional), but the zip code is for Salem. Mrs. Quick, Sabrina's math teacher in high school, grew up in Terra Haute, Indiana.

Stranger Things Netflix horror show set in Hawkins (fictional)

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