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These pages feature the settings for TV series as well as TV show locations. This is a work in progress. As I get time, I'll add more. If you would like to nominate other TV series locations, email them to JohnKremer @


Greensburg Planet Green reality show about Greensburg

Gunsmoke CBS western set in Dodge City

High School Confidential WE reality show set in Kansas

Jericho CBS apocalyptic drama set in Jericho (fictional)

Making It Home: Greensburg TLC reality show about Greensburg

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp ABC western set in Dodge City, Kansas; Wichita, Kansas; and Tombstone, Arizona

Quick Draw Hulu western set in Great Bend, Kansas (fictional)

Smallville CW super-hero drama set in Smallville (fictional)

Summerland WB drama set in Summerland, California (fictional). The orphaned children were originally from Kansas.

Supernatural CW fantasy thriller with a starting location of Lawrence

Switched at Birth ABC Family drama set in Kansas City and Mission Hills, Kansas.

Thurston Web western set in Thurston (fiction) in the Kansas Ozarks

United States of Tara Showtime comedy set in Overland Park

The Young Riders ABC western set in Sweetwater (fictional), but filmed around Mescal, Arizona. Curiously, the map at the beginning of the show reveals a Sweetwater in Wyoming.

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