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Delaware Vacation Basic Facts

Delaware Tourism Office,
99 Kings Highway, Dover DE 19901;
302-739-4271; 866-284-7483; Fax: 302-739-5749.

State Beverage: milk

State Bird: blue hen chicken

State Bug: lady bug

State Butterfly: tiger swallowtail

State Fish: weakfish, aka sea trout

State Flower: peach blossom

State Fossil: belemnite

State Herb: sweet golden rod

State Macroinvertebrate: stonefly

State Marine Animal: horseshoe crab

State Mineral: sillimanite

State Motto: Liberty and Independence

State Nicknames: First State (first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution), Diamond State (Thomas Jefferson said that Delaware is a “jewel among the states.”), Blue Hen State (the blue hen was the mascot of Delaware's Revolutionary War soldiers), and Small Wonder

State Quarter:

State Seal:

State Slogan: It's Good Being First

State Song: Our Delaware

State Star: Delaware diamond

State Tree: American holly

State Capitals

New CastleNew Castle Court House Museum, 211 Delaware Street, New Castle, Delaware 19770; 302-323-4453. Web: http://www.destate
nc_courthouse.shtml. Served as the capital for the English colony as well as the first state capital until 1777.

Dover — Delaware Legislative Hall, P O Box 1401, Dover, Delaware 19901; 302-739-9194 or 302-744-4308; Fax: 302-739-7322. Web: Dover is the current state capital.

Kent County Visitors Bureau, 9 E Lockerman Street #203, Dover DE 19901; 302-734-1736; 800-233-5368; Fax: 302-678-0189. Web:


Our Delaware.

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Delaware Fun Facts

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