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Last modified: 10/18/08

Hot Times, Cool Places

Iowa Fun Vacation Facts

Albert the Bull

The world's largest bull, Albert is located on the south edge of Audubon. Built in 1963 of concrete and steel, Albert is 30 feet tall and weighs 45 tons. He was built to celebrate the local area's beef industry.

Audubon County has a few other unusual phenomenon, including a tree in the middle of the road (
attractiondetails2.htm#tree) and another tree that grew around a plow abandoned when the farmer went off to fight in the Civil War (

Address: Albert the Bull, Audubon County Tourism, 800 Market Street, P.O. Box 2,
Audubon, Iowa 50025; 713-563-2742.

American Gothic House

In a 1930 visit, Iowa artist Grant Wood sketched this house which he later used in the background for one of the most famous American paintings of all times, the American Gothic masterpiece featured above. This painting has probably been copied and spoofed more times than any other painting (with the possible exception of the Mona Lisa).

Address: American Gothic House, 301 American Gothic Street, Eldon, Iowa 52554; 641-652-3406. Email:


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