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Florida Vacation Basic Facts

Visit Florida, 661 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee FL 32301; 850-488-5607; 888-7FLA-USA;
Fax: 850-224-2938. Web: and

State Animal: Florida panther

State Beverage: orange juice

State Bird: mockingbird

State Butterfly: zebra longwing

State Flower: orange blossom

State Freshwater Fish: largemouth bass

State Gem: moonstone

State Insect: giant swallowtail butterfly

State Marine Mammal: manatee

State Motto: In God We Trust

State Nickname: Sunshine State and Orange State

State Play: Cross and Sword

State Quarter:

State Reptile: alligator

State Saltwater Fish: sailfish

State Saltwater Mammal: dolphin or porpoise

State Seal:

State Shell: horse conch

State Soil: myakka

State Song: Swanee River or Old Folks at Home

State Stone: agatized coral

State Tree: sabal palm, aka cabbage palmetto

State Wildflower: coreopsis

State Capitals

St. Augustine, Florida The first settlement in Florida. Capital of British East Florida. Territorial capital (1821-1824).

Pensacola, Florida Capital of British West Florida. Territorial capital (1821-1824).

Tallahasee, Florida Territorial capital from 1824-1845. Chosen as the capital of Florida in 1845 because it was midway between the state's two provincial capitals under the rule of Spain.

State Firsts

Knollwood Groves, 8053 Lawrence Road, Boynton Beach FL; 561-734-4800; 800-222-9696. The oldest working orange grove in the U.S.A.

Famous Floridians

Florida Fun Facts

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