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New Hampshire Vacation Fun Facts

New Hampshire Highlights:
1775 to 1800

In 1775, the Old Meeting House, one of the finest examples of original colonial architecture in the United States, was completed in Danville, New Hampshire. It is the oldest unrestored meeting house in the U.S.

Town of Danville, P O Box 11, Danville, New Hampshire; 603-382-8253; Fax: 603-382-3363. Web:

On January 5, 1776, the Provincial Congress of New Hampshire ratified the first-in-the-nation state constitution in Exeter, New Hampshire.

In 1778, New Hampshire was the first state to hold a constitutional convention.

In 1783, New Hampshire became the first state to require that its constitution be referred to the people for approval.

Purchased from William and Sarah Dennett on June 12, 1800, Fernald's Island in the Piscatagua River became the first government-sanctioned U.S. Navy shipyard in the United States.


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