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Last modified: 11/16/07

Hot Times, Cool Places

Oklahoma Vacation Fun Facts

Largest Scottish Rite
Complex in the World

Completed in 1929, the largest Scottish Rite Complex in the world is located in Guthrie, Oklahoma. The great Temple of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Guthrie is a place in which the glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe is celebrated.

Address: Scottish Rite Temple, 900 E. Oklahoma Avenue, Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044; 405-282-1281. Web:

National 4-String Banjo
Hall of Fame Museum

This unique museum features America's premier collection of vintage banjos. Inductees include Tim Allen, Mel Bay, Ralph Martin, Jack Canine, Buddy Wachter, Harry Reser, Cathy Reilly-Finn, Bacon & Day, Shakey Johnson, Freddy Morgan, Jubilee Banjo Band, Don Van Palta, Sandy Riner, Roy Smeck, Smokey Montgomery, Eddie Peabody, and many others.

Address: National 4-String Banjo Hall of Fame,  The International Banjo College, 116 E. Oklahoma Avenue, Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044; 405-260-1323. Email:


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