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Last modified:11/01/07

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Oregon Vacation Fun Facts

Oregon National Giant Trees

The following trees located in Oregon have been declared national champion trees by the National Register of Big Trees:

Arroyo Willow: 3' 7" circumference, 27' tall, located near Sheep Creek, 8.226 USGC marker.

Baker Cypress: 10' 9" circumference, 129' tall, located in Rogue River National Forest.

Big Leaf Maple: 34' 11" circumference, 101' tall, located south of Jewell on Hwy. 103.

Big Sagebrush: 1' 8" circumference, 13' tall, located in Crooked River National Grassland.

Birchleaf Cercocarpus: 3' 8" circumference, 34' tall, located about 3 miles west of Central Point.

Black Cottonwood: 26' 8" circumference, 158' tall, located north of Salem in Willamette Mission State Park.

Black Walnut: 23' 2" circumference, 130' tall, located on Sauvies Island off NW Gillihan Rd.

Blackbead Elder: 3' 3" circumference, 42' tall, located on Hwy. 30 near Prescott.

Blueblossom (Blue-Myrtle): 2' 8" circumference, 41' tall, located on Rogue River near Agness.

Buckthorn Cascara: Co-champions - 8' 3" circumference, 37' tall, located in Clatsop County; 9' 1" circumference, 27' tall, located in Lane County.

California Black Oak: 28' 2" circumference, 124' tall, located 62 miles northwest of Grants Pass.

California Hazelnut: 5' 6" circumference, 50' tall, located at 567 N Bear Creek Rd. in Otis.

Chickasaw Plum: 10' 10" circumference, 86' tall, located in Clatsop State Forest.

Garden Plum: 10' 10" circumference, 47' tall, located at 434 NW 19th Ave. in Portland.

Hinds Willow: 4' 10" circumference, 50' tall, located on Parker Ranch in Jackson County.

Hooker Willow: 5' 5" circumference, 50' tall, located off Miami Forest Rd. north of Tillamook.

Klamath Plum: 3' 6" circumference, 28' tall, located at 1141 Lake Shore Dr. at south end of Klamath Lake.

Monterey Pine: 17' 4" circumference, 95' tall, located in Shore Acres State Park, Coos County.

Narrowleaf Cottonwood: 26' 2" circumference, 79' tall, located in Ironside, Malheur County.

Northwestern Paper Birch: 3' 10" circumference, 66' tall, located on state land near the Minam River.

Oregon Ash: 23' 8" circumference, 65' tall, located on Sauvies Island.

Oregon White Oak: 22' 8" circumference, 98' tall, located off Hwy. 42 in Douglas County.

Pacific Dogwood: 14' 1" circumference, 60' tall, located on Rutters Rd. near Old Quincy Grade School north of Clatskanie.

Pacific Red Elder: 4' 8" circumference, 27' tall, located along Hwy. 101 between Hemlock and Beaver.

Pacific Yew: 13' 4" circumference, 70' tall, located in Washington County.

Port Orford Cedar: 37' 7" circumference, 219' tall, located in Siskiyou National Forest about 10 miles southeast of Powers on the Elk Creek Rd.

Quaking Aspen: 10' circumference, 136' tall, located in Umatilla National Forest.

Red Alder: 20' 5" circumference, 104' tall, located about 15 miles southeast of Astoria off Hwy. 202 along the Klaskanine River.

Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir: 26' 4" circumference, 139' tall, located in Deschutes National Forest near Jefferson Lake Trail.

Silver Buffaloberry: 6' 6" circumference, 22' tall, located near the Oregon/Nevada state line in Malheur County.

Sitka Mountain Ash: 1' 7" circumference, 50' tall, located one mile east of Coquille.

Sitka Spruce: 56' 1" circumference, 206' tall, located in Klootchy Creek Park, Clatsop County.

Tanoak: 22' 11" circumference, 144' tall, located near Ophir in Curry County.

Tracy Willow: 3' 0" circumference, 20' tall, located at 75 Dean Dr. in Central Point.

Vine Maple: 4' 8" circumference, 40' tall, located near Nehalem Fish Hatchery in Tillamook County.

WaterBirch: 9' 5" circumference, 53' tall, located near Milepost 11 on Little Sheep Creek Hwy. between Joseph and Imnaha.

Wavyleaf Silktassel: 2' 4" circumference, 29' tall, located in Azalea Park at Brookings.

White Alder: 12' 5" circumference, 92' tall, located in West Salem near Eola.


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