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Louisiana Vacation Basic Facts

Louisiana Office of Tourism, P O Box 94291 Capital Station, Baton Rouge LA 70804-9291; 225-342-1857; Fax: 225-342-8390.

State Amphibian: green tree frog

State Bird: Eastern brown pelican

State Colors: blue, white, and gold

State Crustacean: crawfish

State Dog: Catahoula leopard dog

State Doughnut: beignet

State Drink: milk

State Environmental Song: Gifts of the Earth

State Flower: magnolia blossom

State Folk Dance: square dance

State Fossil: petrified palmwood

State Freshwater Fish: white perch

State Fruit: strawberry

State Gemstone: agate

State Insect: honeybee

State Jellies: mayhaw jelly and Louisiana sugar cane jelly

State Mammal: Louisiana black bear

State March Song: Louisiana My Home Sweet Home

State Meat Pie: Natchitoches meat pie

State Motto: Union, Justice, and Confidence

State Musical Instrument: diatonic or Cajun accordion

State Nickname: Pelican State and Sportsman's Paradise

State Painting: Louisiana by Johnny O. Bell and Johnny F. Bell

State Quarter:

State Reptile: alligator

State Saltwater Fish: spotted sea trout

State Seal:

State Soil: ruston

State Songs: Give Me Louisiana and You Are My Sunshine

State Tree: bald cypress

State Vegetable: sweet potato

State Vegetable Plant: Creole tomato

State Wildflower: Louisiana iris

State Capitals

New Orleans, Louisiana Founded in 1718, New Orleans was once the state and territorial capital. It was capital of the French Louisiana from 1722 (replacing Biloxi, Mississippi) until 1812, when Louisiana became a state. From 1812 to 1830, it was the state capital. And again, from 1831 to 1849 when Baton Rouge became the capital. It was also the state capital from 1864 to 1880.

Donaldsonville, Louisiana The Historic Donaldsonville Museum, 318 Mississippi Street,
P O Box 1085, Donaldsonville, Louisiana 70346. Web: The legislature met for the first time in Donaldsonville on January 4, 1830. A second legislative session was held in January 1831.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Became the state capital in 1849 and remained so, except for a few years during the Civil War, until 1864. It again became the capital after 1880 and remains the capital to this day. The Louisiana capitol building is the tallest state capitol building in the United States.

Opelousas, Louisiana Confederate state capital after Baton Rouge fell to Union troops (May 7 to August 21, 1862).

Shreveport, Louisiana Confederate state capital (late April, 1863, after the Battle of Irish Bend, to late May, 1863).

State Songs

Give Me Louisiana; Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man; The Battle of New Orleans; Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans; Louisiana My Home Sweet Home; Baton Rouge; Sweet New Orleans; City of New Orleans.

Louisiana law prohibits bars and restaurants from displaying any alcohol beverage brand name that can be seen from outside the establishment.

Famous Louisianans

Louisiana Fun Facts

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