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Montana Vacation Basic Facts

Travel Montana, 301 South Park, P O Box 200533, Helena MT 59620-0533; 406-841-2870; 800-847-4868. Web: Kid's web:

State Animal: grizzly bear

State Ballad: Montana Melody

State Bird: western meadowlark

State Butterfly: mourning cloak

State Fish: blackspotted cutthroat trout

State Flower: bitterroot

State Fossil: duck-billed dinosaur (maiasaura peeblesorum)

State Gemstones: Montana agate and sapphire

State Grass: bluebunch wheatgrass

State Motto: Oro y Plata (gold and silver)

State Nickname: Treasure State and Big Sky Country

State Seal:

State Soil: scobey or blackdog

State Song: Montana

State Tree: ponderosa pine

State Capitals

Fort Benton, Montana Fort Benton Chamber of Commerce, P O Box 12, Fort Benton, Montana 59442; 406-622-3864. Email: Web: Known as the birthplace of Montana, Fort Benton is the state's oldest community.

Bannack, Montana, Bannack State Park, 4200 Bannack Road, Dillon, Montana 59725; 406-834-3415; Fax: 406-834-3548. Email: Web: Site of Montana's first major gold strike in 1862, Bannock was the state's first territorial capital (1864-1865). It is now a ghost town.

Virginia City, Montana Virginia City, Montana Chamber of Commerce, P O Box 218, Virginia City, Montana 59755; 800-829-2969. Web: and Territorial capital (1865-1875).

Helena, Montana, Montana State Capital, 1301 E. Sixth Avenue, Helena, Montana 59620; 406-444-4789. Web: Territorial capital from 1875-1889. State capital since 1889.

Lame Deer, Montana. Northern Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, P O box 991, Lame Deer, Montana 59043; 406-477-8844; Fax: 406-477-6300. Web: northerncheyenne.shtm. Capital of the North Cheyenne Nation.

Crow Agency, Montana. Crow Tribe of Indians, Bacheeitche Avenue, P O Box 159, Crow Agency, Montana 59022; 406-638-3700; Fax: 406-638-3811. Web:  Capital of the Crow Tribe.


Montana; Montana Melody.

State Specials

Loma, Montana holds the world record for the greatest temperature change in 24 hours an astounding 103 degree change!

The Roe River in Great Falls is the shortest river in the world 200 feet from Giant Springs to the Missouri River. Giant Springs is the largest freshwater spring in the United States.

Famous Montanans

Montana Fun Facts

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