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This page features towns, cities, and states featured in movies of all kinds. This is a work in progress. I have many more such locations in my files. As I get time, I'll add more. If you would like to nominate others, email them to Thank you!


Crazy in Alabama Alabama

Mississippi Burning Mississippi. Scenes were filmed in Vaiden, Mississippi and LaFayette, Alabama.

Sweet Home Alabama Alabama

Talladega Nights Talladega, Alabama


Abbot and Costello Lost in Alaska Alaska

Mystery, Alaska Mystery, Alaska (fictional)

North to Alaska Alaska


Arizona Dream Arizona

The Arizona Kid Arizona

Bad Men of Tombstone Tombstone, Arizona

The Far Side of Jericho Jericho, Arizona (fictional)

Fire Guns to Tombstone Tombstone, Arizona

In Early Arizona Tombstone, Arizona

In Old Arizona Arizona

Raising Arizona Arizona

Sheriff of Tombstone Tombstone, Arizona

3:10 to Yuma Yuma, Arizona

Tombstone Tombstone, Arizona

Toughest Gun in Tombstone Tombstone, Arizona


Arkansas Judge Peaceful Valley, Arkansas (fictional)

Arkansas Swing Arkansas

The Arkansas Traveler Van Buren, Arkansas

Down in Arkansas Arkansas

I'm from Arkansas Arkansas


Down and Out in Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, California

L.A. Heat Los Angeles, California


Colorado Serenade Colorado

Colorado Sunset Colorado

Denver and Rio Grande Durango, Colorado

In Old Colorado Colorado

The Man from Colorado Rawhide, Colorado (fictional)

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Denver, Colorado

Under Colorado Skies Red Rock, Colorado (fictional)


Christmas in Connecticut Connecticut

The Connecticut Kid Connecticut

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Connecticut

Mystic Pizza Mystic, Connecticut


Billy Jack Goes to Washington Washington, DC

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Washington, DC


Key Largo Key Largo, Florida

Miami Vice Miami, Florida


Georgia Rule Named after the main character, set in Idaho.


Blue Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii

Paradise, Hawaiian Style Honolulu, Hawaii


Duchess of Idaho Sun Valley, Idaho

Georgia Rule Named after the main character, set in Idaho.

The Idaho Kid Idaho

My Own Private Idaho Named after Idaho, but set in Portland, Oregon.


Abe Lincoln in Illinois Springfield, Illinois


The Boy from Indiana Indiana


Iowa Centerville, Iowa


Kansas City Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City Bomber Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City Confidential Kansas City, Kansas


In Old Kentucky Kentucky

The Kentucky Fried Movie Kentucky

My Old Kentucky Home Kentucky


Docks of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana

The Flame of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana

The Toast of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana

The Gentleman from Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana

Lady from Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana Hayride Louisiana

Louisiana Purchase Louisiana

Louisiana Territory Louisiana


Liberty, Maine Liberty, Maine (fictional)


The Heart of Maryland Maryland

Maryland Maryland


Alice's Restaurant Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Boston Blackie series Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Strangler Boston, Massachusetts

Two Sisters from Boston Boston, Massachusetts


Grosse Point Blank Grosse Point, Michigan


Feeling Minnesota Minnesota

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Northfield, Minnesota

North Country Eveleth, Minnesota


Ghosts of Mississippi Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi Burning Mississippi. Scenes were filmed in Vaiden, Mississippi and LaFayette, Alabama.

The Mississippi Gambler Mississippi

Mississippi Masala Greenwood, Mississippi


Meet Me in St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri


Montana Montana

Montana Moon Montana


Boy's Town Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha Omaha, Nebraska

The Omaha Trail Omaha, Nebraska


Leaving Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada Smith Nevada

Viva Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada

New Hampshire

The Hotel New Hampshire New Hampshire

New Jersey

Jersey Girl New Jersey

New Mexico

Along the Santa Fe Trail Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico New Mexico

Sons of New Mexico Roswell, New Mexico

New York

Manhattan New York, New York

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York

Washington Heights New York, New York

Woodstock Woodstock, New York

North Carolina

Bull Durham Durham, North Carolina

North Dakota

Dakota Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo Fargo, North Dakota (although set in Minnesota)


Beautiful Ohio Shaker Heights, Ohio

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio Defiance, Ohio


The Doolins of Oklahoma Oklahoma

In Old Oklahoma Oklahoma

Oklahoma! Oklahoma

Oklahoma Crude Oklahoma

Oklahoma Justice Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Kid Oklahoma


My Own Private Idaho Named after Idaho, but set in Portland, Oregon.

The Old Oregon Trail Oregon

The Oregon Trail Oregon


Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Story Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Getting Out of Rhode Island Rhode Island

South Carolina

Bastard Out of Carolina Carolina

Carolina Moon Carolina

South Dakota

Badlands of Dakota the badlands of South Dakota

Dakota Incident South Dakota

The Dakota Kid South Dakota

Dakota Lil South Dakota

Down Dakota Way Sun Rock, South Dakota (fictional)

The Man from Dakota South Dakota


Memphis Belle Memphis, Tennessee

That Tennessee Beat Nashville, Tennessee


The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas La Grange, Texas

Happy, Texas Happy, Texas (fictional)

Robin Hood of Texas Texas

Terror in a Texas Town Texas

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Texas

The Texas Rangers Ride Again Texas


The Hills of Utah Utah

The Man from Utah Utah

The Pope of Utah Utah

Utah Utah

The Utah Kid Utah


Moonlight in Vermont Vermont


The Warrens of Virginia Virginia


Here Come the Brides Seattle, Washington

Sleepless in Seattle Seattle, Washington

Those Redheads from Seattle Seattle, Washington


Wisconsin Death Trip Black River Ralls, Wisconsin


Hills of Old Wyoming Wyoming

The Redhead from Wyoming Wyoming

Wyoming Wyoming

The Wyoming Bandit Wyoming

The Wyoming Kid Wyoming

Wyoming Outlaw Wyoming

Wyoming Renegades Wyoming

Wyoming Whirlwind Wyoming

Wyoming Wildcat Wyoming

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