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Nebraska Vacation Basic Facts

Nebraska Division of Tourism, P O Box 98907; Lincoln NE 68509-8907; 877-NEBRASKA or 800-228-4307. Web:

State American Folk Dance: square dance

State Ballad: A Place Like Nebraska

State Baseball Capital: Wakefield, Nebraska

State Historic Baseball Capital: St. Paul, Nebraska

State Beverage: milk

State Bird: western meadowlark

State Fish: channel catfish

State Flower: goldenrod

State Fossil: mammoth

State Gemstone: blue chalcedony or blue agate

State Grass: little bluestem

State Insect: honeybee

State Mammal: white-tailed deer

State Nickname: Cornhusker State and Tree Planters' State

State River: Platte River

State Rock: prairie agate

State Soft Drink: Kool-Aid

State Soil: Holdredge soil series

State Song: Beautiful Nebraska

State Tree: cottonwood (originally, the state tree was the American elm)

State Village of Lights: Cody, Nebraska

State Capitals

Omaha, Nebraska — First territorial capital.

Lincoln, Nebraska — Current state capital.

Santee, Nebraska — Capital of the Santee Indian Reservation since the Santee Sioux moved here in 1868.

Winnebago, Nebraska — Capital of the Winnebago Indian Reservation.


Beautiful Nebraska; A Place Like Nebraska; Nebraska: The Cornhusker State.

State Specials

Hastings, Nebraska — Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings in 1927.

Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich, chicken pot pie, TV dinners, McDonald's McRibs, and the world's largest hamburger.

Nebraska is the nation's chief beef producer and the largest processor of chicken eggs.

Nebraska is both the largest producer and user of center pivot irrigation.

Nebraska was the first state to begin foreign market development of wheat in Europe and South America (1957).

Nebraska is the only state with a non-partisan unicameral, a one-house legislature.

The world's most famous tractor testing laboratory is at the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture.

The Union Pacific's Bailey Yard at North Platte is the country's largest railroad classification yard.

The world's largest elephant fossil was found in south central Nebraska.

The greatest concentration of sandhill cranes occurs each spring when a half-million birds from several southern states gather for six weeks in a 40 mile stretch of the Platte River before fanning out across Canada.

American Legion Post No. 3 in Lincoln is the world's largest American Legion post.

The 911 emergency system originated in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The largest gathering ever of Native Americans (more than 100,000) was in 1851 at Horse Creek near Morrill.

Nebraska was the first state to complete its segment of the interstate highway system (I-80), which covers 455 miles in the state.

The first Forest Service nursery in the nation was planted at Halsey in the world's largest hand-planted forest (1 million trees).

The strobe light was invented by Dr. Harold Edgerton from Nebraska.

Whittier Jr. High in Lincoln was the first junior high school in the nation.

The vice-grip was invented in DeWitt, Nebraska.

Research and development of air ambulance service first began in Nebraska.

The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha has the world’s largest indoor rain forest, swamp, desert and aquarium.

The nation's first authorized off-premise banking, with teller machines at grocery store courtesy counters, was developed in Lincoln.

The nation’s first Native American woman doctor was Susanne LeFlesche Picotte (Omaha Tribe).

Famous Nebraskans

Nebraska Fun Facts

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