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Hot Times, Cool Places

South Carolina Vacation Facts

South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, 1205 Pendleton Street #505, Columbia SC 29201; 803-734-1700.

State Amphibian: spotted salamander

State Animal: white-tail deer

State Beverage: milk

State Bird: Carolina wren

State Botanic Garden: Botanical Garden at Clemson University

State Butterfly: Eastern tiger swallowtail

State Dance: the shag

State Dog: Boykin spaniel

State Fish: striped bass

State Flower: Carolina yellow jessamine

State Folk Dance: square dance

State Fruit: peach

State Gemstone: amethyst

State Grass: Indian grass

State Hospitality Beverage: tea

State Insect: Carolina praying mantis

State License Plate Motto: Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.

State Motto: While I breathe, I hope. Also Ready in Soul and Resource.

State Music: the spiritual

State Nickname: Palmetto State

State Opera: Porgy and Bess

State Popular Music: beach music

State Quarter:

State Reptile: loggerhead turtle

State Seal:

State Shell: lettered olive

State Songs: Carolina and South Carolina on My Mind

State Spider: Carolina wolf spider

State Stone: blue granite

State Tree: palmetto

State Waltz: Richardson Waltz

State Wild Game Bird: wild turkey

State Capitals

Charleston, South Carolina Colonial capital.

Columbia, South Carolina South Carolina State House, Main and Gervais Streets, Columbia, South Carolina 29201; 803-734-2530. Web: State capital. Site selected in 1786 and the capital moved there in 1790.

State Songs

Carolina; Richardson Waltz; South Carolina on My Mind; Heads Carolina, Tails California.

State Specials

South Carolina is the nation's largest producer of peaches for the fresh market.

Famous South Carolinians

South Carolina Fun Facts

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